A team at The Rakem Group have been training hard to prepare for the tough Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge. This is a great opportunity to support some amazing local and national charities: Bury Hospice, Alzheimer’s Society and Contact Bury ILD.

On Sunday 8th July, the team successfully completed their practice walk and enjoyed the glorious sunshine whilst doing it! The challenge consists of walking over 24 miles and climbing 1580 metres in under 12 hours. They have been working hard to be able to complete the challenge to support these remarkable charities!

The Rakem Group have been long supporters of Bury Hospice and this is a great opportunity to continue the important support. Bury Hospice is a local charity for The Rakem Group, who provide support for patients and their families who are approaching the end of life.

With a smile and grace, the hospice offers a place where people with life limiting illnesses can get the best possible quality of life at a time when it matters the most. The outstanding care they provide is crucial in making patients, and their families, feel supported. Bury Hospice caters for in-patients, day visits and other options and rely a lot on supporters, volunteers and donations. You will always receive a warm welcome at the hospice: their professionalism and care is something they can be proud of!

Bury ILD is an amazing local charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to help them live an independent life and enjoy the life they have chosen to the fullest. Everyone should be a valued member of the community and Bury ILD’s main aim is to ensure that the people they support become valued members of the community.

They focus on people who might otherwise fade into the background of a community and provide 24-hour support. Bury ILD works with the person to help them take the right steps towards living independently, helping them to gain more control over their own lives. Striving towards equal rights for people with learning disabilities, Bury ILD believe that all people should be seen and treated as individuals. Contact Bury extend their services to the families and the donations raised will directly help this significant local charity to continue their amazing service to the community of Bury.

The third charity we will be offering support to is Alzheimer’s Society. Whether it is you, or someone you know, that is worried or affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s Society is there for you to offer advice and support. Dementia is a disease that describes a set of symptoms that include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving and language. It is caused by a damage to the brain, with the most common cause being Alzheimer’s disease.

The charity creates a safe space for people to find a community that includes others going through the same experiences. This community encourages everyone to share responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood and valued. Alzheimer’s Society works tirelessly to challenge perceptions, fund research and improve care and support for people affected by dementia. With no cure for dementia, families across the UK are in desperate need of care.

The three charities are doing incredible work to make sure that people get the support they need when they need it the most. The Rakem Group are proud to be sponsoring these charities and the inspirational message they give. If you would like to support and donate our walkers please follow the link below. You can keep up to date with how they are managing on the walk on our Twitter page: @therakemgroup. Any donations (and tips!) are more than welcome.

 Donate here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RakemThreePeakChallenge